Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wanna Swap? Stalk me here!

OK, so this is a post all about me and what I like. How vain!

My favorite things EVER: Day of the Dead everything, Halloween everything, Kokopellis, Zuni Fetishes, skulls, skeletons, tattoos, cupcakes, rainbows, plushies, monsters, old B-movies, genuine vintage kitsch, trees, b&w photography, ATCs, cats and kittens, Parson Jack Russell Terriers (I have one), paper, journals, notebooks, sketch pads/books, pens, arts and craft supplies, blankets, quilts, throws, pillows, Traditional Asian motifs, Lucky Kitty, Sanrio, Japanese crafts, knitted maryjane slippers, soft socks, supernatural books, Tarot decks, Sci-Fi channel and all supernaturally type shows, stripes and polka dots, pajamas, anything truly unique, anything someone put thought and effort into making.

What I don't like: Floral prints, especially quilty types, really gory movies, neon colors, earth color themed items (like all green with brown and rusty orange.)

Favorite colors: Hot Pink, Fuschia, Medium-Darkish Purple, Black, Lime Green, Teal, Orange, Blues, Greens, White, Red, Grey, Chocolate Brown, Brown with Light Pink and Brown with Baby Blue.

About me: I'm almost 32 but I act about 16. I still get carded for alcohol, I dress younger than I am, I have hot pink in my hair. I'm married to an older man and have 2 step-daughters who are both in college. We have custody of an adorable 4 year old girl who's the sweetest and yet most temperamental kid ever.

hmm... I have 10 tattoos but they all can be hidden easily. I like good chocolate but I'm trying to lose weight (49 pounds down over the past few years!) so, yeah light on the sweets. LOL.

I'm kind of bad at the "describe Kerri" thing. I don't know myself that well. I just love to create and try to be artistic. I love my family (at least the ones who live with me. LOL) I love to give more than receive. I'm not good at surprises or surprising people. I keep secrets forever even if you burn me. I'm a good friend and stick around always and... yeah that about sums me up :)

Any questions? PM or Email me :)

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